CIB CH LB Jolie Sixshooter, CH LB Jolie Wildfire, CH Boppin Box Rip It Up, LB Jolie Blondetourage & CIB CH LB Jolie Light My Fire

My life with poodles began in 1998 when I got my first dog, apricot toy poodle Trucker's Blond Angelique "Linda". Linda came as a result of years of begging for a pet. I was 10 years old at that time and totally hooked on dog shows and a show dog was what I wanted! Luckily we were able to get a really promising puppy from Sanna Koponen (kennel Trucker's). Linda did very well in shows - she's infact first Finnish-bred apricot toy poodle to achieve International Champion title in Finland! And as they say the rest is history. Nowadays poodles aren't just a hobby for me, it's a passion and a way of life.

In 2003 Linda had her only litter which was registered under her breeder's Sanna Koponen's prefix Trucker's. From this litter two sisters stayed at home, Trucker's Moonspell "Brynja" and Trucker's Masquerade "Nidi". Nidi is owned by my mom. Brynja later became the brood bitch of my own line.


It was very natural progress for me to start breeding as I had dreamed about breeding dogs from the very beginning. I passed the Finnish Kennel Club's breeder's basic course in the fall 2005. In 2006 I got my own prefix LB Jolie. Name LB Jolie is in honour to Linda and Brynja, and French word jolie means pretty. In 2007 I imported apricot toy male from kennel Boppin Box in Spain, and this male Boppin Box Rip It Up has been important part of my apricot line. The first LB Jolie litter was born in August 2008 and from that litter I also got my first Finnish and International Champion LB Jolie Sixshooter. In 2010 I started working on a brown line and imported brown dwarf male Fidel Boheme from Norway.


Me with CH LB Jolie Wildfire and CIB CH LB Jolie Light My Fire

My goals in breeding

My goals in breeding is to produce better poodles that are healthy and have the correct poodle temperament. I'm focusing on apricot toys and brown dwarves. Every litter is carefully planned, I don't breed for quantity I breed only for quality. I value health, healthy structure, temperament and correct type above all. As I see it there's no point in breeding unless you set your goals high.

My kennel is so called homekennel - I don't have kennel areas or premises and all my dogs live as beloved family members either with me, with my parents or with their co-owners. I breed on a small scale so I only have litters once in a while.


LB Jolie breeder's class BIS-3 at the Finnish Poodle Specialty 2021

Photo: Anne Koskelainen